Piece Collectors

Logo design and brand collateral for Piece Collectors.
An online and physical shop based in Melbourne that creates and finds unique interior products and accessories from Latin America. The identity expresses a relaxed hand made style, clean but not stale.
It embraces the beauty of the non-perfection.

Target market: 90% women, 10% men. -30-50 years old -Style conscious -Lovers of textiles and handmade pieces -Travellers, modern gypsies, global citizens. -Sustainability focused, interested in ethical practices and the environment.

I got inspired by the traditional shapes and elements used throughout Latin America to decorate handmade crafts. The identity is fluid with a few shapes alternating the main logo, making it possible to be used according to content. I used Columbia Sans Extra Light font for the logo. A font that gives an elegant and modern touch that is easily fitted to diverse content.

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