Visual identity ︎ Brand consultancy ︎ Logo design ︎ Package design ︎ Editorial design ︎ UX ︎

Whether it's brand ideation and development, web layout and functionality, or a conceptual digital experience, true harmony is achieved in my daily practice with equal parts experimentation and strategic thinking. I seek to work with like-minded people: endlessly passionate about what they do.
WHO I AM ︎︎
My name is Markela Bgiala. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, currently working between Berlin and Athens.

I design identity systems and graphics that are passionate, urbanistic and culturally aware.
I believe in the power of typography and the ideas that emerge when I put pencil on paper. My style is clean but not pure minimalist, combining handcrafted elements with digital clarity.
I have the ability to manage a project in order to effectively execute it. Also to be lucid about discovering and producing the picture that other people are trying to express with words and desire.
I love to draw. Whether I am creating visual identities for clients or simply for my own pleasure, I find myself through my art.