Teas & Trees

A series of natural products from Crete, Greece. Six herbal teas in recycled cardboard tubes, native extra virgin olive oil and thyme honey.

The overall feeling is pure and honest with a chic twist. The goal was to have a balance between the simplicity of the products and their unique individuality. Also, another challenge was to make the most out of a limited budget, and be able to apply the labels easily and fast.
I solved all the above by using affordable sticker labels and giving them distinct colors to make each product unique. I kept the text in black so to give contrast. The typography for the titles is chosen carefully, in order to give an elegant and special aesthetic. The rest of the text had to be easily read but also eye catching. The typography gives a more expensive feeling to the product.

The inspiration for the colors and titles came from  the products and their properties. For example, the olive oil package brings out a more brutal feeling, matching the raw product contained. The honey has a perfect golden brown color, so a transparent jar with a plain white label that will give prominence to its natural beauty was the best choice.

Final Deliverables: Title concept I Logo design I Package design for tea, olive oil and honey.
Fonts is use: Orelo Wide I Helevtica Neue I PT Mono
Labels printed by: metrographics.gr Pictures by: Whitestudio Crete I Caroline V I Annie Spratt I Norwoothemes I 


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