The Bureau Of Care

The bureau of care is a project initiated by State of Concept and funded by the European cultural foundation. A project about the ethics and politics of care in the art industry.
The project starts in November 2020 and ends in November 2021.
Within this year TBOC will collect with the help of the collaborators content (text, images, videos) that will be displayed on the website.

My work is to deliver a coherent brand identity, a functioning website, and the final print catalog.
I decided to seperate the web site in three sections that will represent the three basic categories that each contet will fit in. The nature of the categories is different so I gave each category a personilized layout without falling out of the basic grid.

For Example HANDBOOK is a page that different pieces of content will be collected, scattered notes, images, video pieces etc. The design of that page is giving a random allocation of images to represent a feeling of notebook. The word bureau carries a long classic history on it and the notion of care is more inclusive and soft. My goal is to achieve a neutral, fun and modern feeling with a classis touch.
For the above reasons I chose as brand colors the violet purple and black. The typography is a combination of classic serif and modern sans.

Check out THE BUREAU OF CARE here ︎︎︎


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